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Wedding and Reception

You just found your perfect wedding DJ!

Iberia DJ Service works closely with you from day one, starting with access to your own client portal with planning tools, consultations, presentations to discuss your vision, ideas and more! The coordination continues until your big day. 

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A LOT of planning and preparation!

I'll not only be working with you and your fiancé the whole time, but will also ensure all coordination with your other vendors is complete as well. 


For example: this is especially important during key moments of your reception so your photographer doesn't miss any great pictures! I make SURE to keep the party high energy and all the guests entertainedNo one likes an empty dance floor, especially your DJ! And we definitely don't like anyone leaving early!
I'm great at "reading the room" and knowing when to adjust the music, take requests, or get people up and shakin' it - that's what I'll be doing the whole time!

Don't forget: I provide professional equipment, including sound and lighting. I bring a premium sound system for the reception (and the ceremony if necessary), along with high-quality dance floor lighting with multiple light bars, moving-head LEDs, lighted DJ façade, speaker scrims, and totem stands.
Plus, you have many options to choose from, including: uplighting, gobo/monograms, smokes & lasers, a photo slideshow, voiceover and more!

This is the night of your dreams. Let's make it a reality!

What others are saying...

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DJ Steve did my daughter's wedding reception back in July and did an amazing job with great music and fun. If anyone is looking for a good DJ, I would definitely recommend him! -Willetta

Steve is such a great DJ! He keeps it so entertaining and he did a wonderful job for our son’s wedding reception. We would recommend him as by far the best DJ around this area! -Beth

We had DJ Steve for a wedding and he helped us through out the whole planning process. He made it so simple, so you will have nothing to worry about. He was on time, and he kept everyone on the dance floor! -Heather


DJ Steve is amazing. My wife and I hired his services for our wedding and we couldn't have made a better choice. He worked with us every step of the way which made our big day run a lot smoother. He did an awesome job keeping the crowd at the reception entertained and his variety of music kept the dance and party going until the end of the night! I highly recommend his services. -Blake

Steve was so awesome to work with for our wedding! He not only provided his service for the reception but also the ceremony! He had so many good ideas, and was so professional! We recommend him to anyone wanting a quality service! -Casey

Steve is amazing. I am stationed in Fort Benning and hadn’t met him until the night of my wedding. Beginning with his helpful sheet and about an hour on the phone with him and my wife. He did amazing at our wedding. He played songs that were fun and could read the crowd perfectly. He has a great personality and I wouldn’t recommend anyone other than him. He is simply awesome at his job and super affordable. Well worth everything he does. If you don’t book DJ Steve I can promise you that your event won’t be as good as it could’ve been. -Hayden

Doing those extra steps for YOU!


Personal service & attention to details:

I work with you from the beginning - from planning via your online client portal, phone calls, video chats – through your entire journey…all the way to the Big Day! As the soon-to-be Newlyweds, this is your Special Moment. Your vision and your dream. After talking with you to discover exactly what you’re thinking, we’ll then Make It Happen just as you imagined – maybe even better than that!


Hours of time & prep:

You get to enjoy your event and have Fun. That’s the goal for you and your Guests.

All the hard work I do to prepare is done behind the scenes and well in advance (in coordination with your other vendors) so everything is smooth and seamless! I arrive at least 2 hours early to make sure everything is ready to go and so there are no surprises!


As a retired military veteran, DJing is my “second career” and something I dreamed about doing back when I was a teenager – and now I get to share that enjoyment with you! Let's make your wedding the BEST EVER!

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